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Comments on the Mission of American Heritage Academy


Student character is strengthened as they hear truth and learn moral absolutes.

 --JaNan Neilson, parent


Teachers are selected as unwavering role models. -Berkeley Orton, parent


Students learn that free market enterprise and private business ownership are fundamental to the preservation of our freedoms.  --Karla Harmon, parent


Determination, sacrifice, and the love of freedom are the life blood and foundation of American Heritage Academy.  --Scott Ganoe, parent


The decision to create a dress code was a positive step in improving the learning environment for students at American Heritage.  The dress code frees students from fashion trends and peer pressure. -Kelly Orton, faculty


Many students are now taking the knowledge and passion [for free enterprise and government] learned at America Heritage into the world.  --Camille


I learned values I should have as an American Citizen.  --Ingrid


I have learned to be an independent and responsible person.  --Tahnee


We learn to uncover the simple principle behind the headlines of the news media.  --Brett


American Heritage teaches the [enduring] truths that society today desires to abandon

 --David Hansen, parent


Morals, God,  and love of country, are part of the education at American Heritage. The school teaches that men are equal to the task of ruling themselves if allowed their religious freedom. 

--Alice Hansen, Family Activities Coordinator


"They had a discipline problem in public school that really disturbed me, and not only that, my children were unsafe there.  American Heritage offered us a safe and challenging education alternative.  --Crellin Scott, parent