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Students' personal growth as responsible citizens


The student body became creative and learned to improvise as they worked together to help remodel an old furniture store into a comfortable school setting.


Beau was small, scared, and smart when he enrolled at American Heritage Academy.  He loved learning but could not do it in the public school because he felt threatened.  He felt safe at American Heritage Academy and excelled in his studies.  He attends Albertson College on full scholarship.


Matt came to understand his value as a son of God, dedicated two years to missionary work and is profoundly touching lives as he helps people grow in self-respect--a skill he learned at the Academy.


Tyson gained confidence writing scholastic and personal goals.  Without prompting he quietly tutored his friends in that skill.


Camille graduated and dedicated a year of her life to travel the state advocating the importance of public virtue, citizenship involvement, and being educated in the correct principles of liberty.


Neal learned free enterprise values and started his own business to pay school tuition.


Numerous graduates of American Heritage Academy are currently private business owners.


Tricia, Jennifer, and Camille won Miss Mini Cassia titles even though competing against older young women. Part of their success stems from the self-confidence and poise developed at

American Heritage Academy.


Laura won Miss Mini Cassia runner up title.  She placed second only because the winner was another student of American Heritage Academy!





The best evaluation of an education system in the lives of its students. 

Rewards of our effort are found in the remarkable graduates of

American Heritage Academy.


                                The BEST part of their story is yet to be told!




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Many graduates are independent Business owners.


Graduates are seriously involved in community and church leadership and service.