Student Comments

I love American Heritage Academy because it's a great place you can feel love and appreciation. I am glad to be in this school. -- Kara

I love my school. I love my teacher. I have a good teacher. I like my class. -- Jared

One of my favorite things is we pray and read the scriptures. -- Sara

I like American Heritage Academy because I feel I can be myself and people won't make fun of me. I like our uniforms. -- Kasandra

I think this is the best school ever. I love the uniform. -- Brittney

I like this school because I feel the spirit. We say the pledge and pray [every day]. -- Anna

I love the feeling I get when I come here. It feels so peaceful. The people are so happy. I feel very loved. -- Briyana

I am so glad my parents sent me to this school. I love American Heritage Academy . -- Greta

I am learning about history, science and math. My favorite subject is geography. -- Jordan

Attending American Heritage helped me because I was able to go at my own pace. I wasn't held back. The school helps you and opens the door of potential for each person. I learned how to use my time wisely. -- Tyson

The roots of my understanding of free enterprise come from the teachings of the great economic thinkers of history made alive in Mr. Fluckiger's lectures. I received them and lived them in a [school] building that I helped remodel. -- Neal

Mr. Fluckiger never let us go through a week without instilling in us that while we were there to learn math, science, reading etc. he was more concerned that we learned how to learn. That is to say, when we started in the world he wanted us to have the power to think for ourselves and make the right decisions. For me, that has made a world of difference. -- Brett

I learned values I should have as an American Citizen. -- Ingrid

I have learned to be an independent and responsible person. -- Tahnee

We learn to uncover the simple principle behind the headlines of the news media. -- Brett


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